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My First Client in London City

If you were to believe, even an escort has her first time. Not every in this industry comes with experience. I am a beautiful girl and what most men would call ‘sexy’. Any man would give his arm (and a leg) to spend a night with me. I was this girl who had never had sex until the age of 21 and it was one of the best experiences of my life. So, I was most surprised with my decision when I decided to join the escort’s brigade full-time and this laid the foundation for a rewarding and well-paying career. I had personal reasons to raise money – I had to pay for university education and meet my daily living needs.

I was stressed about becoming an escort, but I ended up enjoying the profession so much that I wanted to pursue it even while I was in college and after finishing my financial obligations. I’ve written an account of my first time experience as an escort in London. I only have good and positive memories about being an escort.  

The emotional ride:

My first time and my first client, of course, was the most memorable experience of my life. Well, when I reminisce, I can only say that my client was too happy because he had a wonderful experience with me as I was a virgin and can offer everything which like other VIP escorts in London. He showered me with gifts and gave me undivided attention. I enjoyed every moment I spent with him and devoured all the attention without complaints. My emotions and the hormones were at an all-time high. In fact, I never knew sex could be such an amazing thing. This attraction drew me towards being an escort even more and the feeling was very strong. I thank my first client for that because he really made me experience my first orgasm.

Mixed feelings:

When I woke up in the morning, I was confused and had mixed feelings about the whole experience. I was thinking to myself if I am making a wrong decision or am I derailing from my ambitions to study further. However, my first client was such a nice person. He comforted me and also said he respects me a lot for looking out for myself. He said he has two daughters in college and he had to pay their fees throughout. However, they didn’t do such a great job while studying and his money was wasted. He didn’t have to tell me that, but it gave me a sense of pride about myself and I felt good.

The attention:

This is something that I was never used to – getting a lot of attention! Throughout my growing years, I was a tomboy, brazen, bold and notorious. Men, who are related to me, would think of me as one of the boys. But gradually I evolved into this beautiful woman, like metamorphosing from a chrysalis into a butterfly. However, I was unaware of these changes. A lot of men would ogle at me and I never knew why until I met my first client as an escort. He made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman in the world and complimented me on my gorgeous looks. Initially, I was embarrassed, but over the next couple of hours I got used to it. In fact, I enjoyed the attention that he showered on me.

The rewards:

The best part about the job profile of an escort is the rewards that you get in return. My first-time client showered me with surprise gifts every time I met him. One he hired me for a week and bestowed expensive gifts on me. I reacted like a little girl, who is excited about opening her gifts. Perhaps he liked this innocence in me and was attracted to it. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of being a first-time escort and would not give that up for anything in this world.

The learning:

One thing I realized from being an escort is that I learnt a lot from my clients. The knowledge was immense; and different men had something different to say, like about their profession or personal life and so on. When my first client shared his experiences from his personal life and even telling me about his daughters, I was a little surprised as he was discussing his life with a stranger. However, that day I realized that my role of being an escort extends much beyond sex. The customers look for a companion, even though it is for a short period of time. They look for a friend who can understand and just listen to them when they talk; someone who does not judge them. I think this is what most men miss in their life.

The first taste of independence:

Being a woman and that too an independent one is a great feeling. I know what I’m saying because I had the first taste of independence after becoming an escort. I was earning good money and was able to take care of my own expenses and financial responsibilities. This gave me a great sense of pride. My first client made it possible for me – he even posted a lot of good reviews about me that helped me get many more clients. Just saying thanks to him will not suffice and I know that.

The truth:

In a city like London, being an escort actually earns a lot of respect for a woman as a professional. All those horror stories I heard about men and the profession were wrong. My first client was so good to me that he re-instilled my faith in men. I  did not have a single moment of regret about my decision of being an escort after I met him.


To work as an escort is an individual and personal decision no matter what the reason might be. Like me, there are several escorts out there who have had the first time with their first client. I’m sure that they have all good things to say, just like me. I have shared my experiences with others in my own industry and realised that they have had similar experiences. My first client will always be the best for me because he made me feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. What more could I ask for?

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