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Sleep, Sex And Health

Sleep, Sex And Health

The record for the longest period of time without sleep is eleven days. In normal circumstances, human beings can go three minutes without breathing, three days without water and three weeks without food. Weirdly and with odd synchronicity, we can only go three hundred hours without sleep.

The hormone prolactin is the reason why we fall asleep after sex. Well, not quite. It is the reason why men go to sleep after ejaculating and women go to sleep after having an orgasm. And, let us face it, men are more likely to ejaculate during a bout of love making than a woman is to have an orgasm. Sad but true. Obviously that is especially so for Marbella escorts, where it is pretty much essential for the client to have a good time and orgasm, while it is a bonus if the professional escort girl does. Though some of the escort girls are lucky enough to get off with their clients most of the time.

Within five minutes of waking up, fifty per cent of your dreams are forgotten. Which is a bit of a shamme in the case of my dreams, as they mostly seem to involve shagging. In the most filthy and interesting ways a lot of the time. Or at least so I understand from the little bits that I can recall, dammit.

If it takes you less than five minutes to fall asleep, then the chances are that you are actually sleep deprived. But the opposite can also be true – if it takes you longer than fifteen minutes to drop off, then the chances are that your brain has been running at full speed for so long just to stay awake that it can not turn off.

It takes being awake for only seventeen straight hours for the symptoms of sleep deprivationto start kicking in. Which is why it takes interrogators only forty eight hours to open up the average human being up like a clam. And much more reliably than physical routes such as water boarding.

Sleep deprivation can reduce our tolerance to pain.

Snoring is the primary cause of sleep pisruption for apprximately ninety million American adults.

Humans can take small naps with their eyes open, while maintaining their balance. This could literally happen without you knowing about it. Possibly even a few minutes ago. Or even now.

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