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You should be well aware by now that a business is only as good as its talent. By this, yes I do mean escorts. Attracting the right girls to work in your escort agency business is a key success factor. However, while you may be able to micro manage everything in the very beginning, and if you have a background in escorting this will come as second nature pretty quickly, that will very soon become an impossible task and you’ll become dependant on your others. Once that point is reached you will have to work with suppliers, sub contractors or employees to do most of the work. And you cannot rely on them to recruit the best talent in the right, most persuasive, most professional or most secure manner possible. And that is what you need to bring the best talent to you instead of to another agency. And especially if you want them to work for you exclusively.

Talent and escort recruitment is not all about getting the best people together and trying to make them work. Getting the best group of escorts Malaga clients could ever wish for is not just about having a nice website and lots of clients and hoping for the best. It is actually about successfully recruiting people that will naturally fit with the team. Someone may have all the skills that you’d want in an employee or sub contractor but isn’t as comfortable with the work as someone else. And a girl who is not comfortable with the work will not do it well; it is as simple as that.

It is hard to build a good team. Especially when the escort girls are so unpredictable and travel from place t place at the drop of a hat – or at the drop of a pair of knickers for that matter. The travel and freedom is a large part of why women become escorts; along with the money of course, so you can not expect them to stay in one town just for your convenience. However you should concentrate a energy into recruiting people that are likely to become the best possible support to you as the business grows. This may involve reciting individuals that in other business would simply be a nightmare but in the random work of escort work they will fit right in.

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